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Eating Alaska
A wry exploration of sustainable food choices through the eyes of a former vegetarian grappling with what to eat on the last frontier.
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  • Branches and Baskets (working title)
    A documentary about Haida weaver Delores Churchill. Using spruce root, cedar bark, wool, and natural dyes, Delores creates stunning utilitarian and ceremonial objects. Delores first studied with her mother, Selina Peratrovich. Peratrovich asked her daughter to burn her baskets for the first five years of the apprenticeship. "I am well known for my baskets," Peratrovich told her daughter. "If you say you learned from me, you better be good.? Delores not only became at master at creating baskets, robes, hat, she has inspired a community of weavers. Now in her 80's, she spends much of her time passing on the traditional weaving techniques to emerging weavers, and researching historical southeast Alaskan baskets and Chilkat style weavings
  • Reminder
    A short film about ritual, order, and dislocation.
  • Time, Place, Object
    An unconventional documentary about individuals and their connection to landscape, the passage of time and the "things" they put meaning into or are letting go of.

  • Screenings and Community Events around the film, Eating Alaska
    What happens to a film about a vegetarian who moves to Alaska? Film festivals in Northern California, an Interdisciplinary Science Conferences in Nome, a film series in New York City and presentations to high schoolers and college students, a fundraiser for greenhouse, and screenings with local food potlucks and sustainability fairs.
  • Artist in Schools Residency in White Mountain, Alaska
    Frankenstein worked with 50 students, K-12 in a village outside Nome. Students used photography and video to tell stories of their lives and the community.
  • Artist in Residence,Lexington, Kentucky
    Through funding received by the Living Arts & Science Center from the National Endowment for the Arts, Ellen worked with students in three schools to create photography and video projects. The projects range from individual personal video portraits, to a documentary on technology.

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